Jobs and Grad School

If you want to launch your career and find your calling, look no further. There are innumerable examples of alumni who credit the University of Sioux Falls for helping them achieve their goals and find fulfilling careers. Consider the English teacher in Spain, the missionary in Bolivia, the physical therapist in California, the actor on Broadway, the graduate student at Princeton, the opera singer in New York City, the Set PA on NBC’s “The Event” or the lawyer in Sioux Falls.

Ninety-seven percent of our graduates report that they had jobs related to their field of study or chosen field within six months of graduation. All of the students who applied to medical, law and dental school were accepted. It’s no wonder why USF was ranked a U.S. News & World Report Best Regional University Midwest.

Employer Satisfaction

Graduates aren’t the only ones who share their success and satisfaction. Employers also offer their accolades.

When we interview USF graduates, they are strong in their instructional practices to meet students’ needs in the areas of reading and writing. Their strong literacy approach is evident when the USF teaching candidate shares how to work with reluctant readers and writers and ways to enrich students who may need differentiation in their learning.

Anne Williams, elementary principal

Wells Fargo’s mission is to satisfy our customers’ financial needs and to help them succeed financially. In order to do this, we need to attract, develop, retain and motivate the most talented people who care and work together across our company to meet the needs of our customers. USF has provided us with graduates who do that.

Lyndon Hohwieler, senior vice president of collections

We have placed USF interns from several majors in our program and have been pleased with the solid foundation that the University of Sioux Falls offers students. We have found them to be professional and well prepared to take part in our program.

Michelle Walter, SPHR, director of education, Avera Health

College Week is very well put together, and it’s clear the students pour their hearts into it. They do all the work we in the news business must do to produce a newscast, and the students show a lot of professionalism and promise.

Katie Janssen, Keloland