About Sioux Falls

As South Dakota’s largest city, Sioux Falls, population 164,000, offers the amenities of a city while maintaining the friendliness of a small, Midwestern town.

Tep Ten things to do in Sioux Falls:

  1. Bike trails There are 25+ miles of paved trail around the city.
  2. Church life About 150 churches, give or take, call Sioux Falls home.
  3. Recreation Acres and acres of space equal a lot of fun.
  4. Night Life Movies, dancing, dining, music and more are in Sioux Falls.
  5. Coffee Houses Sioux Falls has your flavor of coffee.
  6. Arts and Theatre Sioux Falls is the regional hub for fine arts events.
  7. Nature Bring your hiking shoes to Sioux Falls.
  8. Shop Enjoy mall, downtown and eclectic shopping venues.
  9. Events There’s something to do every night of the week.
  10. Sports Action Watch hockey, football, baseball, soccer and more.

Sioux Falls Lodging

With a multitude of lodging options, Sioux Falls is poised to host regional and international guests. You’re sure to find one that meets your needs.

Sioux Falls Dining

With more restaurants per capita than any other city its size in the nation, you’ll get your fill of food and fun in Sioux Falls.

Shopping and Entertainment

Sioux Falls is the regional “hot spot” for shopping and entertainment. Whether you want to engage your brain, tickle your funny bone, stretch your imagination or shop ‘til you drop, you have options in Sioux Falls.


USF is blessed to have a rich diversity of students from many denominations on campus. Sioux Falls offers more than 150 churches to experience.